I am a pure Japanese. I am drawing the manga "edamame". I also write a novel. I don't know what it is, but I will start NFT. v (^ o ^) v

"JOHN 00002" is released

John 如音 00002


"John" is the name of a typical man. The New Testament tells us that he baptized Jesus as John the Baptist. There are countless celebrities named "John". For example, John F Kennedy, John Lennon, John McEnroe. As a Japanese, I first think of John Manjiro, who appears in Japanese history. In Japan, John the Baptist is written as “ヨハネ” and pronounced “Yohane”, but this time we used the Kanji “如音" based on the pronunciation from the English "John". “如” means “That’s right, and ”音” means “Sound”.

It sounds very good as it seems to say "You are right ..." in your ear. Do not you think so?


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JOHN 00001

JOHN 00002

This collection is the first in the world of NFT to express people name from all over the world with the Japanese calligraphy art "書道 SHODO"!

I will write your name in Kanji characters in the traditional Japanese calligraphy art "書道 SHODO"!

"SHODO" is one of the traditional Japanese arts that artistically expresses Kanji characters and Kana characters using brush and ink.

All Japanese names can be written in vertical kanji characters, but foreigners' names are written horizontally, aren't they?

So I will convert your name into Japanese kanji and draw it vertically.

It’s very attractive, don’t you think so?


If you want to have a NFT your name in vertical Kanji like “NAME SHODO JAPAN”, I would appreciate it if you could email me or send me a direct message on Twitter. If there are no major problems, I will reply within three days.



Thank you


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