I am a pure Japanese. I am drawing the manga "edamame". I also write a novel. I don't know what it is, but I will start NFT. v (^ o ^) v


"ULYSSES 00001" is released

"Ulysses" is the English-language name of the main character "Odysseus" in Homer's epic "Odysseia”. According to "Odysseia" the main character, Odysseus, suffers a severe storm on his voyage back to his hometown of Ithaca after participati…

"WILLIAM 00001" is released

"William" is the name of a typical man. "William" comes from the Old German word "Willahelm". "Willa" is a will and "helm" is a helmet. Speaking of "William", it would be William the Conqueror of England. Probably. I chose the Kanji for th…